Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Black on black on black

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ZARA buttoned cape coat, shoes || GAP roll neck jumper || TOPSHOP Leigh jeans

Merry December mes amis! The chill is fully in the air and not only in the evenings. You know when the air is so crisp that it hurts your teeth when you breathe?! I've even caught my annual cold but I'm not complaining too much because it's all the more sweeter when I come home to see the Christmas tree and cosy up with my electric blanket. Like a NAN.

A chic nan, of course!! I'm so infatuated with my new cape that I picked up on Black Friday. It's the only time I can ever say I was glad I held off from buying something from Zara straight away. It gives such a dramatic silhouette (which I absolutely take advantage of and use to sashay through the streets) and is such an easy way to smarten up a jeans outfit. I love it with my knitted GAP roll neck peeking over the top and good thing too because I can't really wear anything else on account of the sleeveless-ness freezing me, Jack Nicholson style.

What'll probably get lost amongst Christmas excitement is that I'm turning the grand age of 22 next week, i.e. the most nondescript birthday age. I've never been a birthday lover (not keen on the attention/growing up) but I'm just so glad that for a full 24 hours I'll finally be able to relate to Taylor Swift's 22. Although in this climate I'm more than content to relate to it from the comfort of my bed ^_^ birthday's are overrated when you're older, in my opinion!


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