Thursday, 27 November 2014

Trainer trend bandwagon

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NIKE Roshe Run trainers from ASOS || ZARA white coated lace up trousers and angora jumper

Of allll the trends I didn't want to give into, trainers was the one I didn't want to the most. Partly because I have size 7 canoes and that's just not ladylike, and partly because I didn't want to look like a permanent Chinese tourist who's ready for a day for a comfortable day of sightseeing.

But look, I'm eating my words as usual because they're so comfy and casual and cool and all those good C-word adjectives that describe off-duty model style. I deliberated over the 'winter burgundy' colour, which are part suede - can I get a heart eyes emoji, please? - but it just seemed more sensible to get a neutral colour to go with more of the 'drobe. And I was never going to fail with white on white (...on white - thanks IKEA), as you can see. If it's even possible and you're even later in on the trend than I've been, you need to give it a try. I feel like I'm bouncing on clouds when I walk in these and they even make me question why I bother with my once trusty heeled ankle boots.

That's a lie I'm sorry I love you forever and always.

While I'm still not feeling a pair of Stan Smiths or New Balance for me personally, Nike is one of my all time favourite brands and there was no doubt that when I did eventually jump on the ~sneakers~ bandwagon, I'd be jumping on with a big fat tick.


  1. I really want the black ones that every gal and her mum has but I already have the nike blaze....I don't want to be an out all trainer person! These grey ones really suit you Jade!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. I'm like you about this sneakers trend because I don't want
    look like a stereotype Chinese tourist :P
    Now I want a nice pair or 3 of New Balance....

  3. I never thought I would've given in to the trainer trend but the moment I tried my Nikes on it was literally like walking on clouds. They are possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes on the planet! I love your ones - they are really 'you'!

  4. Hell to the yeah, these are beautiful! I adore my Runs - seriously can't wait until payday so I can buy my New Balance trainers. Not even sorry. HK life requires it k.

  5. I have these too! Mine are black and white but I love your grey ones :) I tried to get mine from ASOS but they'd sold out so I turned to Schuh who did free (and speedy!) P&P. I agree, they're really cushiony and comfy! x


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