Monday, 20 October 2014

Working hard or hardly working?

Now that I'm over the initial shock of working life, I've realised that this is actually the perfect opportunity to do what I do best: SHOP. I'm working in an office environment, so I'll have to look smart, but it's also marketing, involving retail, so there's definitely room to wedge in some personal style, in my opinion. I'm certainly not one for midi length pencil skirt dresses and I wanted to incorporate my everyday style into my work outfits as much as I can, if not just for comfort but also to be able to have pieces that are suitable for multiple occasions.

Having said that, I know I could definitely play with the clothes I already have. Example: the other week on 'dress down Friday', I walked into work looking like the one kid who forgot it was own clothes day at school. People were in loose jeans and hoodies, checked shirts and cardigans, and there I was doing my best Emmanuelle Alt impression. It just so happens that I've found that particular style that works for me!

Nevertheless, I've started replenishing my wardrobe because it's all part of the fun ^_^. My first port of call was Zara and these pieces are all winging their way to me this week. Don't the most productive shopping days just happen from bed with the click of a mouse and the whimpering of a debit card? I think so.

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ZARA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (clockwise)

The monochrome madness is pure coincidence, though we all know I'm generally adverse to bright colours anyway. I could talk at great length about each of these pieces but I shall leave the deep musings until next time, once I start styling them for their own outfit posts.

Next on the agenda: accumulating a pile of cute and unnecessary stationery to rival that of the most spoilt kid's first day back at school.


  1. Those skirts are lush! I want to go back into zara now as i went during my lunch to pick up my order. Definitely eyed up a "few" pieces as i left

  2. Yeah, since I'm starting working I find more
    comfort in shopping and adding stuff into my
    wishlist :P Nice picks here! Xx

  3. Zara has some beautiful bits in at the moment, you've found some lovely pieces. I need to work in some more monochrome into my wardrobe. I absolutely love your style, you always look so lovely, especially from what we see on your blog.

    Shannon at

  4. I JUST received those boots today! And of course, I promptly changed out of my pumps.

  5. Ah, I'd love for all of those shoes in my wardrobe. And they're definitely perfect for work!


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