Friday, 19 September 2014

Willing to co-operate for free food!

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You see before you the face of gluttony. Slash, the mischievous face of someone who's about to eat you. I was kindly invited to have lunch FOR FREE in the heart of the city I so truly love. I think that qualifies as being "like Christmas".

The Co-operative Food is back with their pop up restaurant where all you need to do to get a free meal is tweet them why you should get a table, with the hashtag #Tweet4aTable (or #Tweet4aTakeaway if you don't want to eat in). Liverpool was a delicious success (my tastebuds will testify that) and today is the last day the pop up restaurant will be in Manchester before moving onto Newcastle on 24th-26th September. So if I have any Manchester or Newcastle readers, get involved!! It's definitely a fun experience.

I, of course, went for the most decadent Head Honcho pulled pork pile up burger with cheesy fries. All of the food was provided by The Co-op, which was surprising because I didn't think of them as "proper groceries". But no, apparently they are purveyors of yummy goods.

Sometimes I wish I were a food blogger, just for an excuse to eat out a lot. But I chose to be a style blogger. And to fit into my clothes, the two don't really go hand in hand. Anyway.

Thank you to The Co-operative Food!


  1. This pop-up restaurant idea is brilliant! We need it in my country :c
    Or do they do international business :P ? You can do both kind of
    blogs Jade ^__^

  2. Girl I would be tweeting them at least once a day. This is a genius concept (maybe more advantageous for the gluttonous than the establishment), you had me at pulled pork.

    PS happy to have you back!

    xx Hélène


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