Saturday, 31 May 2014

Meet the ham

So as I mentioned at the end of my last post, I bought a hamster last week. I looove her, therefore she gets a dedicated post on my blog. She is a Syrian, heartbreakingly cute and resembles the hamster emoji a little because of her colouring! In an absolute ode to HP, I named her Hermione, though that's just for the sake of having a name at all because I prefer referring to her as "the ham".

I spent £3 on a bag of cut up twigs - how spoilt is this hamster please.


I did used to have a hamster when I was younger - an all white one (funny how that reflects my style now hah) - but now that I've actually had the common sense to read up properly on hamster care, I'm actually sad to admit that I can't believe my old hamster lived as long as it did!

Pet shop cages are disgustingly small and I've shunned the two cages I already owned in favour of a DIY bin cage, which is basically just a huge, transparent plastic storage box, and I've kept the lid off for ventilation (walls are too high for her to escape). Not only is it waaay cheaper but it's actually a decent size for the ham and no more bar chewing! People don't realise, *I* never realised, that just because a hamster is small, doesn't mean it can be kept in a small cage and shame on pet shops for even selling them. They need space to wander, to fit enough toys for boredom and to have a decent depth of substrate for burrowing. I'm looking you, Pets At Home!!!

I'm also going through the proper process of taming her - leaving her alone and building up the amount of contact with her until I start holding her etc. With my first hamster, I started playing with her as soon as I got her home, which explains why she pooed on my hand... How stressed would you be if a Chinese giant took the roof off your house and grabbed you from above?!

I could go on but none of you have probably read this far. BUT if you do happen to be considering buying a hamster, Hamster Central is a great resource about good and bad for hams and advice on everything in between. Also ErinsHamsters on YouTube!


  1. She's sooooooo cute c: I also like that you named her
    Hermione :D and smart move with the cage lol, I find
    some pet accessories sometimes soooo overpriced :c
    Did you get her a walking ball thingy as well? :P Xx

  2. D'aw little Hermione! SO cute! I love that you did all your research before getting her - it's so important to keep little ones happy. I've bookmarked a darn tortoise FORUM for the kids! xx

  3. Ohmygod i can't believe you have a hamster, that is AMAZING. I think every kid had one at some point, right? I had a bird too, but I was the worst owner in of life. That little critter is so cute!

    xx Hélène


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