Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I looked across and fell in love

Hallelujah! Looks like my sun dance last week worked because the past few days have been glorious. The pins were out, the fake tan was on and new shades were purchased (watch this space). Though, as a result, I'm actually currently blogging from potentially the hottest bedroom in Liverpool (not in that way). The perils of not having switched to my summer duvet yet!

Oh yeah so I'm now firmly about 200 miles away from London for good and a short drive from anywhere I need to be. TFL can suck it! But you can still expect the next few posts to have a southern background.

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog

Looks like a pretty standard outfit but then oh oh, I take off my blazer and TURN AROUND (every now and then I get a little bit lonely...)

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
Blazer, top, trousers, bag - Zara || Shoes - ASOS

I am extremely in love with the back. It distracted me long enough from the BRIGHT colour to buy it and I just knew it would look so cute with my hair tied up (ignore that my hair isn't tied up).

So this is my life now. I really have nothing more to do but blog and avoid thinking about impending graduation outfit worries. I've come to terms with being content with this because I have one definite upcoming long holiday so in my ignorant mind, there's no point trying to get things going on the job-front yet. (Though, if anyone's offering...!) Even the cashier at the bank yesterday was asking me about what I'm going to do now I've finished uni -_-

Open letter to the world: I DON'T KNOW.


  1. Looking gorgeous Jade!! You pull off white so well :)

    I remember that time when I finally finished uni... it felt great having a long break, doing what you want with no deadlines looming over you! Seriously, from experience, enjoy the time off because you'll miss it when you're working full time! hehe. (god, I sound like a party pooper! haha)

  2. Love the outfit, and your hair looks gorgeous!
    I never went to uni, it was never for me, but I have to admit I would have loved just a few more summer holidays! Enjoy :)

  3. Gorge, hair looks lovely curled. ahh I feel ancient compared to you, I graduated near around the new millennium haha.

    Hanh x

  4. i am in love with that colour! enjoy the free time you have, go travel etc before you start looking for a job. I dont know was exactly what i was like when i graduated! feels weird having so much free time after so long

  5. Looking gorgeous as always! Seriously, how do you do it? Don't worry about finding a job yet, you just been through the hell that is dissertation (not that I'd know about it, uni dropout loser here!) so enjoy your summer! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. As usual, loving your outfit! White is seriously so pretty on you and CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE BACK OF THAT BLOUSE WOW! So cute for summer!


  7. Beautiful outfit! Love the colours - this combination of white and pink is just so summery! x

  8. Your sun dance also worked in my country Holland :')
    I'm actually in search for a nice bikini set but haven't one
    yet.... Anyway you look lovely again in white and love
    the back detail of that pink top ^__^

    REPLY: the hamster figures are actually from a cartoon
    called 'Hamtaro' they were one of my favorite childhood
    toys haha Xx

  9. Hello Gorgeous! Well styled! Looking forward to your future posts. (:

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer’s blog in development.

  10. The pieces of this outfit look so crispy. It's great! And yeah, that back is amazing :)

    xo freshfizzle


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