Thursday, 8 May 2014

ASOS jumpsuit with tie waist

Here we observe the chinoise in her natural habitat: Chinatown.

Just joking, obviously. My natural habitat is in Zara or bed... or in bed browsing the Zara website. I actually couldn't feel more out of place when I go to Chinatown. Too many squinty eyes staring me down as I walk past them. Rude! FYI Chinese people wouldn't know subtlely if it hit them on the head with a mahoosive crispy duck.

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
Jumpsuit with tie waist - ASOS || Blazer, bag, shoes - Zara

So I ordered this jumpsuit the other day in another 'bite-the-bullet-throw-caution-to-the-wind' impulse shop. I really wasn't sure if it would suit me so it was a very risky purchase. But this is how I get my thrills!!! Sod the sky-diving or bungee jumping. Thankfully, I love it, even if I do bring out a ninja vibe more than a cool, modern vibe. It must be the Asian in me.

Actually, I felt a bit masculine it in once I put on the blazer. Kind of like a man in a tux, I dunno. Or a fancy plumber, if you will. I'll be the first to say that it does look really good with heels, but since I was just going for dinner and it was busy Central London after all, flats were the obvious choice.

The eagle-eyed of you will notice that that is indeed the same bag I've been recently sporting (here and here) but in pink. I couldn't help it! It's the sweetest shade of dusty pastel pink and it doesn't hurt that it's real leather (for £26 as well - bargain!). This'll definitely be my go-to bag for Summer.

Today I'm off to the British Museum! Something to do isn't it? Might take some photos to blog! Fact about me: I used to have a recurring nightmare that there was a mummy (Egyptian kind) in my living room and it would chase me zombie-style :( Any dream experts know what this means?!


  1. You look good ninja Jade :P and you do look
    modern and classy!! Haha I laughed about your
    'true' natural habitat :') wahhh, you have that
    as well, that our fellow yellow peeps staring at you?
    Like why, really huh? :P Xx

  2. Lady you crack me up! That intro was perfect. Anyway, so is that jumpsuit -- you should throw caution to the wind every single time you shop! Seems like the perfect versatile piece, dressed up, down, spring with a blazer, summer without. Been meaning to acquire the perfect jumpsuit this season... i might just turn to asos!

    And totally agree: you needed that bag in pink too.

    xx Hélène

  3. I get those stares too Jade!!! It's like they KNOW we're BBCs just by looking at us. Worse thing is in a Chinese restaurant me and my cousins have to order in a mixture of Chinese and English because none of our Chinese is proficient enough to order everything in Chinese haha. We get so judged.

    That jumpsuit looks gorgeous on you - very sophisticated! And I am defo getting that bag... as soon as my exams are over and I start shopping again!

  4. hahahhahaahaha yes, us chinese people are so rude to each other. I love chinatown though!
    I need to buy more blazers

    xx shirley

  5. Love the jumpsuit! It looks so good on you!

    And I totally know how you feel. When I visit my mom in Indo and we go to the market, it's like everyone somehow knows that I am not full Balinese or something because everyone stares at me and it's the most uncomfortable thing ever.... I don't even look that different from everyone I don't understand how they know?????


  6. love the jumpsuit you look stunning in it, great buy ;)

    xx Vivi

  7. You look amazing! I love your outfit! Xx

  8. OMG! I never met a jumpsuit I thought I could pull off but this one makes me want to try. You look seriously super cute! Love it!

    xo freshfizzle


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