Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Laced up

The un-ironed - I will sort this out -, blue shirt returns. It just makes any outfit look 'fresh'. Though, I'm acutely aware that that word is fast becoming as meaningless as 'amazing' with the amount it gets thrown around (by people like this loser you see here).

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog

In an example of how easily suggestible I am, when the previews for Isabel Marant pour H&M were released last year, I had no overwhelming desire to actually queue to get my hands on any particular piece. (Apple remains the only brand that has brought me to such desperation.) But after seeing bloggers styling a particular pair of pants here, there and everywhere, it suddenly became one of my biggest regrets in life that I didn't buy them.

Obviously I'm talking about the lace up leather trousers and obviously I'm talking about the white pair. I will never pay the criminal prices that they go for on eBay, so instead, I'm settling for a fraction of the look with these:

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
Shirt, trousers, shoes - ZARA!

The discreetness of the lace-up is actually probably a good thing to keep the pants a bit more versatile and not so memorable! After giving them a test run with flats, it's clear that they demand heels, so I kept everything light with these sandy, Chelsea-style boots.

But for the love of...! Another inadvertent head to toe outfit from that place. I really should rename my blog The Zara Aesthetic >_> Not only do they not do affiliate links but they also don't do student discount. And yet I STILL keep going back for more. Not that it'd make a difference anyway; I won't be a student for much longer!!

Speaking of which, coming home to finish my dissertation has perhaps been a huge mistake. So far, all I've done is put on weight, slept in and watched reruns of Friends, Simpsons and GoT (I'M SO HAPPY IT'S BACK). Need to get myself into a routine... I've heard that some people even wake up at single digit hours?? Like 8am?!?!?!


  1. The boots are lovely :)

    I miss watching Friends on TV.. its not the samee!! hehe.

  2. I love how subtle the laces are on those trousers! Like you won't see them unless you actually look and when you do spot them it's like a mini prize hahahaha.

    Love this outfit! i don't mind un-ironed things at all. And those boots were a perfect match with the rest of this outfit!

    I haven't gotten the chance to shop on Zara and for first time stores I prefer to go to the physical store first.... There isn't a Zara near me but I will be traveling soon (hopefully) and the place I go just opened a new Zara! Excited!


  3. Haha you do wear a lot of Zara! But it looks good, so whatever. I so wish i could have gotten my paws on some of the isabel marant H&M pieces, but alas, like you, i have no desire to queue for anything (not even apple).

    Hang in there for you dissertation! Once it's over, you can get back to healthy eating, ha.

    xx Hélène

  4. is it bad that i actually like the crease shirt look? looks like its been worn in. i wasn't too keen on those trousers when you posted on ig but i love them now you've styled them :)


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