Sunday, 30 March 2014

Old habits die hard or never do

Breton stripes and denim go together like boats 'n hoes. I'm sold. And even though I've been reaching for more comfortable wear to step out into, this time I just couldn't help reaching for Old Faithful:

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A white blazer is comfort to me!! Admittedly it doesn't allow for much comfortable, flexible movement but I feel the most 'me' in one. (Not that I regularly do yoga fully clothed anyway.) It's definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my wardrobe fooooor...........EVER.

But hey, I tried. I even last minute swapped these heels (coincidentally worn with breton and jeans too) for flats(!), after deciding to not be a pleb since I was only going to be sitting at a desk for ten hours. Small confession: I've also bought the flats in black! So I can have a little sparkle when wearing tights too; I'm covering all bases.

AND my current manicure is as minimal as you can get. Whilst retaining some clean chicness, obviously. Apparently, the Queen (yes, THE Queen) will only wear this shade:

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
Breton top - H&M || Blazer - Zara || Jeans - Mango || Shiny ballerina flats - Zara || Bag - Zara

As the above photo suggests, I don't have time to stick around. For once, I'm planning and preparing content for upcoming posts because I hate to neglect my blog just because some academic sadist decided to inflict a task of writing <12,000 words on me.

Term ends this week which means I get to go home for Easter holidays and relief doesn't begin to describe how that feels. Seeing as I'm missing Mother's Day (UK) today, I can't wait to see my mum, give her a mahoosive hug and be able to spontaneously plank on her again whenever she's watching TV on the sofa. Also, it's definitely time for a haircut...


  1. You look lovely Jade! I wish I had Easter holidays...enjoy your time at home :)

  2. hahah love this post! your white blazer totally fits your image!

    xx shirley

  3. Love the Blazer, i'm on the hunt for the perfect white blazer (reasonably priced of course)

  4. A look comprised of classics is always a winning one in my books. Perfect day look if you ask me. Stripes forever!

    Can't wait for Easter too... you must be REALLY looking forward to that well-needed break!

    xx Hélène


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