Thursday, 13 March 2014

Leather on leather


Admittedly, they're happening through the worst quality photos (blame unforeseen ridiculously sunny day), but they still happened (unashamedly completely à la Leandra of Man Repeller).

The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
The Jade Aesthetic, Jade Fung, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
 Leather biker style trousers - Zara || Leather skirt - River Island || Shirt - H&M || Cami top - Zara || Shoes - Zara

I guess I look like an extremely confused person; Spring is happening behind me and I'm in all black and I'm wearing a skirt AND pants. (Before anyone thinks I'm weird, I think it's a Liverpool thing to say pants instead of trousers like the rest of the UK!)

To address the weather: it didn't matter too much since I was inside all day. I won't mention the D or L word for a change.

As for the style choice: I really like it! Of course Leandra pulls it off with so much more gravitas, whereas I'm a bit Joey Tribianni you-hide-my-clothes-I'm-wearing-everything-you-own, but I'll take that. It's definitely a "looks better in real life" look, since you're getting to see the textures and layering in all its 3D glory, rather than "here's a photo of a skirt and pants"... or maybe I'm just talking out of my double leather covered behind.

Either way, it's certainly a look I'll be going for again and I'll definitely get some better photos next time!


  1. Weird or not you are you and that's what makes you
    awesome c: Xx

  2. Yes, dress over pants! It feels fresh and modern and, well, new, which is a lot to say for a fashion trend. I'm sure we'll all be looking back a few years from now, nodding our heads disapprovingly, saying what were we thinking!? But for now, it's all the rage and it's awesome. You look great, of course I'm partial to black, being a new yorker and all, but who cares if spring is beckoning, you should wear the color (or in this case, non color) your little heart desires!

    xx Hélène


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