Sunday, 2 February 2014

I follow you deep sea

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Year to anyone who celebrates! I could copy and paste the chinese characters in too but what's the point in lying to myself... can't read or write the language, so...!

This photo has been sitting on my desktop for a while and I've only just realised I forgot to post it (uh idiot). I'm not big on practically-armour-type statement necklaces but sometimes a top or shirt calls for something more than my barely visible dainty pieces and this is my favourite combination at the moment. The two chains (lol 2 Chainz) are from H&M and the teardrop gem chain is from Forever 21. As always, the delicate necklaces are from Orelia (my fave!). 

This past week I got to see the Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House. It's a must-see for true fashion lovers in London and all I'm going to say is: I will never truly understand mules (the shoe) and christ, did she have a lot of hats. 

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 Blazer - Zara || Navy turtleneck - Gap || Leather biker style trousers - Zara || Boots - Zara

Bog standard outfit and what I chose to not show you was my hefty fur-lined parka because it was, as usual, a sodding wet day in London town. To add insult to injury in such dreary weather, I accidentally spent ELEVEN ENGLISH POUNDS on pick 'n' mix chocolate in a Lindt store. It was one of those 'weigh when you pay' dealies and under immense shock and pressure, I just paid.

Must dash because there's a medical documentary or three calling my name on Netflix. Definitely bought new workout stuff (sponsor me pls Nike), so I'll be back with something bright!


  1. Happy CNY Jadey! You look nice again ^_^
    And I thought that glittery background is
    lovely like a music video background sorta..

  2. thanks a lot for your lovely comment <3!

    and almost the same thing happened to me the day before yesterday. I went into Godiva to treat myself and somehow managed to spend 10 pounds on just a few truffles lol.

    xx Vivi

  3. Happy Chinese new year Jade!!! & that first sentence defines me to a tee. Although I actually do write the Chinese characters even though I can't read/write it because it makes me that extra bit more Chinese than I actually am. Don't wanna be too bananarised(?) now hahah

  4. I love your trousers! Yeah, it's so easy to spend 10+ pds. Happy CNY! Wishing you a wonderful week.
    //Madison xx

  5. Happy CNY, Jade! I love that necklace, such a statement piece. One of my 2014 goals is to get my Chinese back up to scratch - I can read it but my writing is terrible and I really need to improve. Also going to get back into speaking more Chinese and less Chinglish :') x

  6. Looking good sweety...gosh, seeing your hair so up close, makes me even more strong and long! Beautiful!

  7. yes, I did love your blog and your fashion sense.
    I did follow your blog, hope you can do the same for us to keep in touch! =)
    Happy Blogging! =)

  8. You look lovely - and I really like the layered necklaces. I much prefer dainty layers rather than chunky ones! I have zero written Chinese skills and my reading level is pretty I can only just about read/write holiday greetings etc.

  9. Ah how i wish i was in England to go see that Isabella Blow exhibit, it must have been spectacular. Great accessories, sometimes it's fun to throw ourselves a jewelry curveball! ps lol 2 chainz

    Happy Chinese new year!!

    xx Hélène


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