Monday, 20 January 2014

Suit up

If Barbie were an Asian business woman, I imagine this is what she'd look like. (I'm also channeling my inner Pinkie Pie but I doubt anyone gets that reference -_-) The excessive amount of pink is headache-inducing but I've grown to love it!
Jade Fung blog, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog

Jade Fung blog, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog

Winter daylight is MERCILESS to bloggers, am I right or am I bloody right? I had to actually 'location scout' for this spot of relatively alright indoor lighting!
Jade Fung blog, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, Asian style blog
Everything ZARA

So this would be the suit I mentioned in my last post. It is just a shade darker in real life but it's still pretty bright. Kind of annoying because it stands out far too much for my liking amongst the colour coded muted-ness of my wardrobe!

But it is a new year and I'm embracing new styles (and this was on sale so wooooooooHOO). It was pointed out that it looks a bit dramatic for an everyday outfit but I'll go with that. After all, "dressing well is a form of good manners"!

The shoes potentially push this to pink overkill but you know what, when does anyone get the chance to wear this much pink? You can bet I'll be wearing this blazer or pants only too. Three potential outfits for the price of one - me gusta mucho!! And yet it's still not enough to cure my apparently insatiable need to SHOP. Three guesses where I ordered more stuff from this weekend... Send help!!!


  1. Ahhh so this is the the suit you were talking about! I'm not really a fan of pink, but this looks like such a well cut suit. Definitely not too "Barbie" - only would be if whoever wore it had bright platinum blonde hair! :P x x

  2. Oh my goodness Jade LOL! I 100% did not expect such a bright shade of pink. My wardrobe is probably the most boring wardrobe ever bc it practically consists only of monochromes and neutrals. The only pink thing I own is my pajamas. If you wear this outside in London then I salute you haha!

  3. omg adore this on you jade- you can never have too much pink, just check out my wardrobe! :) you look ace in it, plus shoes are gorrggeee :) xxxx

  4. This look is killer miss Fung! I love me some monochrome outfits and this pink is stella on you. Classic and fashion forward all at once, i believe this is one of your best! Forget overkill, go big or go home baby. Stunning, truly.

    xx Hélène

  5. My goodness, Jade! My eyes only see pink!
    And not sure if my eyes are reading well
    but this outfit for just one price? That's
    niiiiice c: Xx

  6. You know,if someone was telling me that pink suit would look so
    good together I wouldn't believe him!You look absolutely gorgeous!
    I follow u now! ;-)

  7. I love this pink outfit! Even the shoes ;) My mom would die from shock if she saw me wear something that bright, she always tells me that I look like I'm always going to a funeral with the amounts of dark clothes I wear :P

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  8. Hi Barbie!! I love, love this look!!! Such a great color for you! Granted , it might not be for everyday but hey, you only live once!

  9. Amazing, looking fine! This is an amazing suit.


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