Friday, 3 January 2014

Knits and pleats

It's equally laughable and woeful that Zara deduct £2.99 from an item and call that a sale and yet there I found myself, on Boxing Day, scrolling the website madly for "gems" of purchases but walking away with shiny pebbles at best.

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I've spared showing you the boring staples I picked up but I am excited about this jumper and mini skirt. I have a new found love for turtlenecks and what better than a big, sloppy one to keep me cosy (but with just the right shade to keep it looking like I actually made a concerted effort with my outfit)? I'm starting to think that anything crew necked is just awkward... like, what do we do with our necks when they're exposed like that?!

Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, asian style blog, Lorraine Stanick love ring, Exit Art Florida, Lauren Conrad love ringTurtleneck jumper and pleated mini skirt - Zara || Love ring - Sydney Evan

The skirt is actually a non-sale item but it is just the most perfect shade of blue and I can't resist a good mini skirt. (See better on the Zara website.) I'm thinking ahead for Spring/Summer with this one and how bloody dreamy it'll (read: I'll) look with other lighter hues. Though, no doubt the "new clothes itch" will get to me and I'll be wearing it soon. Apparently I laugh in the face of winter dressing.

I also bought a parka in the sale! Very 'not me' at all and I feel like I'm off camping/dog walking when I wear it, but it's pure warmth and fur-lined goodness ^_^.

P.S. With the exclusive help of Google, I played around with my layout. I'm still working on it and I'll be changing the header (I'm enjoying the marble but frankly, the design looks like poop atm) but what does everything think of the font size of the text? Too small to read or is it alright?


  1. That jumper is so beautiful! The layout looks lovely hun!

    shabna x x
    my blog ->

  2. Loving the new layout, font just a tad bigger! Your Zara purchases are beautiful, love the jumper x


  3. I'm sure you look great in parka's c: I love parka's!
    And most important they are warm ^^ nice little
    layout change at your blog as well! Xx

  4. lol ya sometimes Zara has "Sales" that might as well not be sales... same as Aritzia, deducting $5 off a $100 shirt - yaaa okay what a good deal lol

  5. ahhhh! That turtleneck sweater looks so cozy omfg i neED.

    stop by sometime(:

    xx Shirley

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous!!

    Madison Martine


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