Sunday, 5 January 2014

Diamond carat

While I love shopping for clothes, it doesn't give the same thrill as buying makeup. I get unnecessarily excited to hold these small things, open up the brand new packaging and use them!! Don't worry; I'm not becoming a beauty blogger. I just haven't been dressed properly for a few days because I'm stuck to my laptop doing work D: But I wanted to post, so I thought I'd show my shiny new buys.

Liverpool style blog, Liverpool fashion blog, asian style blog

Photographs don't do this L'Oreal top coat justice! 'Diamond Carat' gives such a beautiful sparkle in the light. It's not quite a shimmer (which I don't tend to go for) but not solid glitter either and I think it looks so luxurious. I'm wearing it here over Essie Ballet Slippers and in an ideal world, I'd have done this manicure in preparation for my wedding. But instead, my dissertation/thesis will have to be typed with fabulous nails.

Liverpool style blog, Liverpool fashion blog, asian style blog

Liverpool style blog, Liverpool fashion blog, asian style blog

Liverpool style blog, Liverpool fashion blog, asian style blog
L'Oreal Diamond Carat Top Coat nail polish || Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Bellini and Embellished

I rarely wear lipgloss because I have my hair down a lot and it's too much faff to reapply, but these two colours by Revlon are so pretty that I'm going to force myself to get into the habit. We've probably still got a good two months of solid winter in the UK, so I can definitely get away with wearing the darker berry colour, 'Embellished', even after the festive season. The lighter colour, 'Bellini', isn't as peachy as the product photo but more of a nude, as you can see on my lips. I've been searching for my perfect nude lip colour ever since the days when Laura (Buy Now, Blog Later) was known as Lollipop26 (miss her YouTube videos big time!) and I think it's time to rejoice because I've found it!

Cool - writing this post took all of ten minutes and now it's back to Google Scholar :(


  1. Ive got the embellished one and i like it! Thought itd be more pigmented on the lips like it is in the tube

  2. The Bellini one looks great on you c:

  3. LOVE that nail colour. I'm kinda tempted to crack out my CHANEL Pearl Drop now... and I love the new layout, the colours are gorgeous! (:

  4. I get super giddy when buying beauty stuff too, must be a girl thing! I've said it to you before, but i must say it again: you have such pretty hands. My fingers are so small and stubby, i've dreamt all my life of hands like yours. My apologies if that sounds creepy. Anywayyy that nail color is what dreams are made of... and you're totally right, it's kind of a perfect color for a wedding manicure. I actually had something similar for mine.

    PS can i ask you - did you switch over to wordpress?? Your blog is still blogspot but there blogger options are no longer at the top of the screen.

    xx Good luck with the new school year!

    1. Hand compliments are the best compliments!! Haha, thank you. And nope, I just removed it because I thought it looked cleaner for the layout! Still on Blogger x

  5. Fab haul, really love the nail polish xx

    The Belle Narrative


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