Friday, 20 December 2013


Coat - Zara || Cami top - Topshop || Leather pants - Zara || Shoes - Zara

It's ma birthday and I am now the big TWO-ONE :o I'll spare the melodrama because it's not like I'm turning 50 and life does go on as normal (though, admittedly I'm writing this last night and scheduling it, so something life-changing could have happened overnight). I'm more than lucky that my mum still lets me act a child around the house, so I really don't have a leg to stand on when I complain about suddenly being 'old'. Looking forward to drinks with friends later and being able to get away with murder by using the "but it's my birthday" excuse.

Anyway, onto more important things. This is the coat I've been squealing over! My friend kindly pointed out that it looks like a lab coat and now I can't get the comparison out of my head, but whatever, I can go with the whole 'scientist chic' thing. It's the perfect fit and adds the right amount of smart to an outfit, which this one definitely needed to keep it "me" - I don't do edgy. If turning 21 wasn't enough to make me a woman, this coat'll do it.


  1. Happy birthday Jade, hope you have a fabulous time :) Love the colour of the cami with your coat.

    Hanh x

  2. Happy birthday Jade!!! Turning 21 is fine bc now when you go to America you're a legal adult. ^_^ Turning 22 is fine too bc you can happily whip out the "22" song. But 23... I'm not too sure about that age haha

  3. Happy Brithday sweety!!! Wish you all the best and a beautiful year ahead!!!

  4. Happy 21st birthday Jade! It's a lovely coat - don't worry, it's definitely not a lab coat! x x

  5. Happy Birthday Jade! Love your top, hope you've had a good day :)

  6. Happy birthday!!! ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬ Hope you have a crazy night.
    lol @ your friend. Now that you say it, it does kinda resemble a lab/doctor's coat but I love science so wouldn't bother me lol. Plus white/cream is always elegant for winter and the lines are beautifully minimalistic :)
    x atelier zozo

  7. Sweet Jade, happy birthday!! Hope it was an awesome, crazy one, you're now officially OLD. Haha i kid, you've got your ENTIRE TWENTIES in front of you, best time of your life, i assure you! Hope you used the birthday excuse all night long! That outfit is perfect and you look gorgeous. That coat esp, adds just enough smart and stylish. xx

  8. Alrighty - I'm in love with that coat! And the cami is the perfect contrast and colour too. Hope you had the best birthday, Jade. I'm 22 and still act about 2 so there's that ;)


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