Monday, 23 December 2013

Meeting Aleksandr

Scarf - H&M || Angora jumper, coat, shoes - Zara

With the excitement of my birthday over, I thought I'd post some snippets from last weekend to bring me back down to Earth. It was a fleeting visit to Leeds but nice all the same. We took a spontaneous trip to Tropical World (not as big of a deal as it sounds - it's a glorified tent in a park), which was something of an experience. They fail to tell you that you have to walk through an imitation jungle with real, HUGE butterflies roaming free :(. I don't care how pretty butterflies are; I'm absolutely terrified of anything remotely creepy crawly and I was squealing all over the place whilst kids were being fearless.

I saw slow lorises in real life and it's almost unbelievable that nature can make eyes so large and cuuuute. However, they are excruciatingly slow and you almost want to give them a nudge to go faster when they're climbing branches etc. And that last photo is of myself and a meerkat. I'm trying to match its prestigious-looking stance but I think we can all agree that the meerkat is winning. They're also bloody cute. (Post title reference)

We stopped for lunch in the COSIEST gastropub called The Roundhay Fox. I'm talkin' fireplaces, armchairs, Christmas evergreens everywhere and the most British, comforting food you could find. I'm really not a pub person but I could definitely get on board with a fancy gastropub.


  1. SLOW LORIS' REFERENCE! That chameleon looks like an absolute dream, as do you and your hawt shoes. (:

  2. "its a glorified tent in a park" hahaha..
    I'd have believed its a real zoo.
    Anyway you look lovely, love the
    shoes! What a color! Xx


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