Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I could have been someone, well so could anyone

 Coat - Zara || Top - Mango via ASOS || Leigh jeans - Topshop || Bag and boots - Zara

Because I'm really not, I'm wearing this top to acquire a bit of coolness. I never go for slogan tees/jumpers but this sequin Mango one was trop cool (sorry) to pass up. I've got no idea what "cool love" is though. Isn't all love just super intense and unrequited? Hah! French speakers, help me out!

You don't get more casual than a jumper and jeans (casual is absolutely necessary for long library stays) so I did the old coat-on-the-shoulders thing to make the outfit a bit more 'fashion'. I'm actually secretly loving it, hehe. How dare I ever say it's pretentious looking :o

The end is in sight, literally and figuratively. Tomorrow is the end of term, when I will finally be free to relax for Christmas (disregarding any dissertation worries for now). In just over a week, I will be turning 21 :(. The end of my being able to get away with ignoring responsibilities and generally acting like a kid. I had a glass of wine last night to "unwind" like a WOMAN and it was awful. I'm trying my best to acquire the taste but truth be told, I hate wine.


  1. very chic outfit. and i can 100% vouch for your distaste of wine. i only like alcohol that doesn't taste like alcohol i.e. fruity cocktails. and that already rules out the majority of alcohol lol

  2. I love that outfit! That jacket is really cute. And happy birthday! XD

  3. i really like this outfit! so elegant!
    i'm now following your blog for sure!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  4. Loving the outfit as usual Jade! Lool drinking wine to unwind.. I'm 23 and find wine disgusting. It is the devils nectar. I much prefer cocktails,sweet but dangerous ;).

    By the way happy early birthday.. 21 is a sick age.


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