Monday, 16 December 2013

Heaven couldn't wait for you

Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, white jeans outfit, Zara sparkly pumps
Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog, white jeans outfit, Zara sparkly pumps
Loop knit coat - Zara || Grey scarf - H&M || Textured tee - Topshop || Rose gold collar - H&M || Shoes - Zara

Who says you can't wear white in Winter? (Well, no-one anymore.) If you caught me bigging up The Coat purchase of the century in my previous-previous blog post, you won't be surprised to hear that it's white. I had planned on wearing it with this outfit (call me mad but I had a ~vision~) but as always, it didn't arrive in time and I was already late for uni from lingering to catch the delivery guy.

I did try it on later but I concluded that I looked like a Westlife member. So that was actually a close call. Look out for this fabled coat in my next post!

I'm now back in the comfort of home (currently being heated by an electric blanket - seriously, INVEST IN ONE) and life is pretty good. After a very stressful last day in uni (note: don't rely on people when doing group work - so naive!), I am all the more appreciative of everything around me right now. A loving family, good friends and even better food is all I need, really.

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  1. an all white outfit never goes out of season! all of that is what you need and only need. i want an electric blanket. I'm trying to "save" electricity bills by not turning the heater on lol so far, it hasn't been cold unless I've just showered


  2. Like an angel :) Super chic outfit..I still can´t get myself to wear white..all-black-everything is my go-to....stay warm sweety!

  3. White in winter is one of my favorite things, especially when it's head to toe! Those shoes are amazing too. Family, friends and food is all i really need too :) Congrats on your last school day for the year, time to celebrate! xx


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