Monday, 9 December 2013

Change me

Loop knit coat, leather look pocket top, comb skirt - Zara || Vesper thigh high boots - Kurt Geiger

Firstly I want to say bless you if you've commented on my posts before saying about me being cold! I would definitely rather feel more cold than hot anyway, but I never dress too inappropriately to the point of catching a cold or something :) But as I've mentioned before, these boots are a chore to put on, so tights (i.e. more friction) are out of the question if I want to wear them.

Anyway, I'm still enjoying the Clueless vibes this skirt gives, especially with the boots. I'm always an advocate of a good mini skirt and one like this with the wrap-over detail is just different enough that I really love it. And obviously I couldn't help but match the leather edge detail on the skirt with my leather-look pocket tee from Zara too!

As a reward for how hard I've worked recently (proceed to roll your eyes), I've just made a cheeky Zara order and potentially purchased The Coat that I've been looking for all A/W. We'll see if it lives up to the title when it arrives, of course.

Now it's finally time to stop the madness (honestly, not even hyperbole). It's fair to say my shopping has been getting out of hand and after reading Natalie's blog post on true life values, it made me think really badly of myself (but kind of in a good way/for good reason). It's Christmas time and as it is all about giving, I'm really going to make a concerted effort to not buy unnecessary things, to be less selfish and to spare more thoughts for those who are less fortunate than me. I've yet to finish my Christmas shopping so that should hopefully feed my need to spend and I'm really looking forward to seeing smiles from the gifts I buy for people (namely my little cousins!). Of course, no doubt I'll be slipping into my old ways soon but the thought will not be escaping my mind completely. Give me a slap on Twitter if you see I'm having a particularly materialistic day!

P.S. Just so you know, I also took advantage of 20% off ASOS this weekend, so new items will be cropping up but that was before the 'new me', so it doesn't count!


  1. My nephew once said, you can shop now
    but you can also wait because there will
    ALWAYS be cute stuff and maybe even
    cuter stuff around. He is somewhat right


  2. It's a struggle! You're bombarded with shopping everywhere you go/look during this time of year but practicing self-control is always a good thing :) Good luck! I know I need it haha
    atelier zozo

  3. Love the coat and the boots!
    Don't feel selfish when you want to get yourself a treat.
    You worked hard for the money yourself so why not reward yourself with your hard work :) X


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