Thursday, 14 November 2013

We've not yet lost all our graces

Angora jumper, cami top, leather biker pants, shoes, bag - ZARA!!

The transition to womanhood is beginning!! I'm turning 21 next month, which means I'll be able to actually say "I'm in my twenties." Life will undoubtably change (maybe not) and with that, wardrobes change too.

A couple of months ago I never would have looked at these heels twice, thinking they only belong to the working women of the world, or those bloggers who seem to live in heels and have outfit photos with a super shallow depth field. But browsing online, I was so drawn to them. My tastes are evidently maturing. Hélène actually blogged about a label called 'Subtle Luxury' yesterday and I was like YES; finally a way to describe how I want my style to be!! And I think/I hope these shoes fit into that description.

While I love how they look, it wasn't so fun hobbling out of uni. They're not even that high! That's why I naively thought they'd make a good day heel -_-. Though with the amount of heeled boots I own, I like to think I have acquired the art of hiding the look of pain well by now.

I was more double-minded on the jumper because it was a lot more than I'd like to pay for a plain, cream jumper. But it managed to keep me warm all day sans coat, so the tag's off and it's mine forever! I ordered a large because I thought I may as well get more angora for my money(!) but it turns out that it loosely fits me perfectly, so I'm guessing it's supposed to be a tighter fitting jumper when it's in your regular size.

I don't see myself taking it (or these leather pants) off anytime soon but in all honesty I've been purposely waffling away at this blogpost to avoid writing my dissertation proposal so I guess I should probably get back to that...


  1. The trousers are gorgeous! I've been looking for the perfect leather skirt / trousers for ages now - I'll definitely have to pop into Zara at some point to investigate! :) Heels are a bit of a bitch to start with, but once you wear them in a bit, they alrightttt. They look stunning if that's any consolation? ;) x x

  2. Welcome to the world of the adult :') The heels
    looks nice but also painful at the same time...
    I love angora really, not to much of course
    otherwise so itchy.. Xx

  3. when you turn 21, life is the same except with people trying to get you wasted on the day. the shoes are lush and id be clueless as to how to match it. london must not be that cold if you're wearing those kind of shoes and no coat!


  4. Yes, i saw these on your IG feed and loved every piece! Aaahh SO jealous that you are only 20! Take advantage of it! Isn't it great how personal style naturally evolves along with you? I love that. I guess one of the only good things about getting older is that you inevitably become more yourself because it simply doesn't feel any good to be any other way. Love the outfit, you look amazing!


  5. I love the jumper - I'm sure I've seen that in store and thought it was gorgeous. The bag too - I've not seen it in that colour but it's perfect.


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