Friday, 22 November 2013

The only one you can't forget

Jumper, skort, mini office city bag - Zara || Vesper boots - Kurt Geiger

Yes, I am in love and I can't stop it. The boots keep me as warm as tights, even with the flash of leg, so no complaints in that department. They were also a great excuse to get my skort out again for this outfit, which I haven't worn in ages. Not that I tend to reach for colours anyway but I'm really appreciating black, white and greys for my outfits recently. I suppose I'll have to be appreciating them for a lot longer since these boots are black and would make up the majority of any outfit!

Oh yeah, and the place I found in uni that was perfect for outfit photos is now covered in artwork, as you can see! It was the perfect blank before -_- do you think they knew?!

Now that my immediate workload is handed in, I'm trying to keep my brain exercised so that I don't get complacent by the Christmas holidays, so I've picked up my guitar in yet another attempt to get 'good'. I'm so determined that guitar isn't just a "uni phase" I've been going through for the past two years.

Also, I'm on another flying visit home for a few days, 1) to stop me spending money in London, 2) to get some proper food and 3) to try and persuade my mum to let me put up the Christmas tree! Too early?! I've definitely seen some people already have done.


  1. i had never thought boots like those would go well with a skort! youve proved me wrong. bet the people in the department read your blog and saw that they needed "exposure" too so took the advantage haha


  2. cool outfit although it's simple :D effortlessly stylish!

  3. Hot boots!! Love the skort too and the monochromatic palette. I'm a new follower on bloglovin and gfc :) :)

    atelier zozo

  4. You look absolutely stunning and i'm really loving your outfit, the white skort really suits. Now following your blog on GFC & BlogLovin xx

  5. I absolutely love your boots! It's so hard to find over-the-knee ones that are flattering, but they look great on you :)

  6. Love your grey jumper and boots!
    Skort is a fascinating piece of clothing :D

  7. looove this look.
    such an interesting skirt :)


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