Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Should this be the last thing I see

Cami top - Topshop || Leather skirt - Pull & Bear

Here's a funny story: I picked up this skirt in Westfield Topshop thinking "oh, lingerie as outerwear trend yah yah" because the visual merchandiser bloody stuck it in with regular clothes. The next day I went to the Oxford Circus Topshop and it turns out it's actual lingerie. It's got matching lace pyjama shorts and everything. But I liked it as a day top so I'm going to stick by my decision. I finally get to live out my dream of wearing pyjamas out in the day with this cami top so I'm not so bothered if I look a bit silly. (Obviously wore a coat and scarf too because I do live in the UK.)

Plus, it contrasts very nicely with my new leather mini skirt from Pull & Bear (which I must start shopping in more). I haven't worn my leather skater skirt in a long time out of fear that I over-wore it the past two years, so this new one with zip details is a perfect update for my wardrobe.

I could talk about clothes all day but I have some new clothes to attend to (pic on my Instagram!) so I'll be back very soon.


  1. was about to say! you must be freezing. i was confused when i saw the ig thinking it was a top looking like lingerie when in fact it actually is. it fooled me. looks great!


  2. Haha, silly Jade :P yay for living your dream up
    in wearing pj's outside! I still think you look great
    and loving the color of the top. You also look like
    a background dancer of a k-pop group or
    something :P Xx


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