Thursday, 28 November 2013

Kinda there but not quite

Loop knit coat - Zara || Leather pants - Zara || Shoes - Zara || Clutch - Whistles || Hat - Topshop

Quite a masculine look from me in this post. And I'm also doing that pretentious fashion week thing of draping my coat on my shoulders instead of wearing it... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't know what compelled me to put on this outfit today, because it's so not me, but I enjoy the look. I'm always très jealous of those tall, cool professionals (usually European) who trot around with their ankle skimming trousers and a pair of loafers. They just look so effortless, so sophisticated and soooo bloody COOLI guess it's really not cool to be excited about coolness is but hey, THAT'S ME. Anyway, this is my take on that kind of look. The loafers really aren't me, actually. They remind me of school shoes!

Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet? Hearing of people already finishing theirs is making me sweat slightly. I feel like it gets harder every year to buy for my family and because of when I finish for the Christmas holidays, I'll have to start my shopping in London! I'm fully preparing myself for the onslaught of tourists, other Christmas shoppers and B.O.

P.S. I got a VSCO grid, which is basically a fancier Instagram. Except I have a feeling that I'm a small fish amongst a load of professional photographers! Anyway, you can have a look here.


  1. Loving the loafers....might need to pick up a pair even though its winter!
    btw i love your photography, what camera do you use?

    hanh x

    1. Thanks Hanh! And I only use my phone, iPhone 5s :)

  2. I really want to wrap you around with a thick
    blanket and kneewarmers because I think you
    dressed yourself so thinly! Keep yourself
    warm deary c: Xx

  3. Oh Jade, I always have such wardrobe envy! Still loving that Zara coat x x

  4. I love that coat and the loafers Jade! I'm such a clunky shoe and loafer girl this season, no idea what's come over me. And your clutch, such a good colour choice ;)


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