Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It was a bad day

Shirt - Zara || Leigh jeans - Topshop || Shoes - Zara || Watch - Born Pretty Store

I went shopping spent a lot but I'll talk about it in another post don't tell my mum thanks!
It wasn't actually a bad day; it was a really great day but I just love Justin Bieber.

Unsurprisingly I'm still wearing this blue shirt to death. I just think it makes outfits look clean and smart, even when just paired with jeans. Despite my personality (I'm weird), I always try my best to look like a ~lady~, what can I say?

As blue as I'm looking, you know white is never far away where I'm concerned and I did have a white blazer with me. The watch you see was kindly sent to me by Born Pretty Store and obviously, it being white, I just had to wear it too.

I've never really looked properly on Born Pretty Store but I know it's very popular for cheap nail art supplies. It turns out they do ridiculously cheap women's watches too. I'm talking like $5 watches. Clearly I'm not expecting this to match up to my Michael Kors watch but at a couple of pounds, I wouldn't be buying for quality anyway. I've been wearing this one most days purely decoratively (but the whole "tell the time" feature has also been helpful) and I love it when I've got the rest of my wrist and fingers "jewelleried" up too. Tacky? Naaaaah.

If you like this watch, you can use the coupon code JADEFC10 to get 10% off, although when you see the prices, you will not even need it! AND they offer free shipping worldwide.


  1. No no no nooooooooooo! Don't you dare to fall in
    love with Justin Bieber!!! I forbid you!

    You look lovely in blue, its more simpel yet it
    suits you well c: Xx

  2. that is a pretty watch! ive shopped there for my nail art stuff and think i may have shopped a tad bit much there ><" simple yet clean and crisp outfit.


  3. That shirt does make your outfit look clean and smart. It's so simple, but so crisp. Love how your shoes and accessories spice up the outfit!



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