Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I will always want you

Kurt Geiger Vesper boots, Kurt Geiger thigh high boots, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog
Kurt Geiger Vesper boots, Kurt Geiger thigh high boots, Liverpool fashion blog, Liverpool style blog
Boucle jacket - ASOS || Cami top - Zara || Skirt - H&M || Thigh high 'Vesper' boots - Kurt Geiger

Ahhhh I couldn't help myself!!! I was reading The Londoner and her friend was wearing the most beautiful boots. It was love at first sight. They're actually tight, not baggy like most over-the-knee boots, so they DON'T FALL DOWN! Apparently they measure a cool 82cm tall. Elle UK have 25% off Kurt Geiger in its December issue this month, so it really would have been rude not to. That's my winter boot sorted.

The only small issue (it's not even a big deal heh) is that I literally (in the actual meaning of the word) have to put aside 15 minutes to put them on. They don't have zips and they're super tight around the legs so trying to get my foot through the ankle section is near impossible. But the sales lady seemed to really want to make this sale and I'm very easily swayed. I'll just sleep in them; problem solved!

Friends have already shouted at me for another frivolous purchase, so be kind -_- This is actually going to be my last purchase for a very long while.


  1. i have never been a fan of thigh high boots (probably bc i'm petite and 82cm is like half my height lmao) but they look real good on you :)

  2. Niiiicee boots! And I bet they will keep your legs
    warm c: and yes no more buyings this year missy!

  3. These are gorgeous! The leg of them kinda look like knee high socks - I love the fit x x

  4. I have that very same skirt and i love it! It looks awesome with those boots too. I can just picture the scenario of putting these on... haha. Worth it nonetheless, they look amazing and that whole outfit is sick! No frivolous purchase here! xx

  5. As long as you get your wear out of them! Totally worth it I think. Pretty color for the boucle jacket!

    atelier zozo

  6. Loving the boots! can I ask how tall are you? I'm thinking of purchasing these boots online but I'm worried they may not suit my height. : )

    1. I'm pretty sure I'm 5'6", so not massively tall! I'd really recommend trying these on in store if you can because I wasn't exaggerating when I said they're impossible to get on! It was such a struggle that I had to go into the back stock room to take my tights off and have a fight with the boots haha. The material of the boots means you can sort of bunch them up to make them suit your height, so e.g. I don't have them pulled taut when I wear them, otherwise they'd be up to my crotch!


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