Sunday, 20 October 2013

Zara A/W purchases

Jade Fung blog, Liverpool fashion blog, Zara sparkly flats
Zara heeled chelsea boots, Jade Fung blog, Liverpool fashion blog
Jade Fung blog, Liverpool fashion blog

Shiny pointy ballerina || High heel ankle boot || Loop knit coat

ZARA ZARA ZARA. These two pairs of shoes and coat are the result of insomnia and an itchy PayPal account.

As usual I've picked the most impractical things in the shop. The flats aren't going to last more than two wears (judging from the last sparkly pumps I bought from there) but for now, they're very fab. If only you could see them sparkling under my bedroom lights right now! They're obviously a nod to the Valentino studded t-strap flats but I prefer these. Zara can do no wrong.

Given the recent rain, I'm sure the mucky streets will be bad news for the boots too. I have an abundance of ankle boots but none in such a sand colour so these are justified. Also I thought that £30 for heeled boots, especially from Zara, was practically giving them away.

And the advertised coat that I was hoping will give me some warmth this Winter has turned out to be a glorified cardigan. Buuut I'm always about form over function anyway so I'm not about to start changing now ^_^

Expect to see me over-wearing everything I've bought in my upcoming outfit posts. In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram for outfit and accessory snippets. Also, if you could be absolute babs and click through to my post about Tinder (the dating app - you can even read it if you want) to give me some traffic - it's for a university module I'm doing - that would be SWELL, to be honest. Thanks!


  1. those ballerina shoes are absolutely gorgeous!x

  2. i was eyeing up those exact same boots in the same colour!!! they are sooo nice. i got my eye on some other bits and pieces from there too.
    zara has got it on point this season (as well as most other seasons!)

  3. Nice Zara haul, love those boots c: Make sure
    to spray them with these waterproof spray!


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