Saturday, 12 October 2013


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Strap back slip dress - Topshop || Blazer - Primark || Bag and boots - Zara

Who doesn't love a good versatile slip dress? Not me, that's for sure. The last time I wore this, it was a dressy occasion but I definitely think it works dressed down too. It means I can show off accessories etc more when I wear this. Like these boots I can't get enough of!! I really recommend investing in a pair, any pair, of Zara's boots this A/W. There's another pair in the TRF sections I've got my eyes on... so watch this space!

A bit of groundbreaking news for you: I used a washing machine for the first time in my life on Thursday evening. For the past two uni years I've either been hand-washing the odd item or taking batches of clothes home to get washed. I know, I'm a joke of a person.

ANYWAY, I put a PAIR of socks in with all my clothes - that's TWO socks. When the wash cycle finished and I took all my clothes out, there was onLY ONE SOCK!!! Obviously I was utterly confused and still am. I felt all around the inside of the machine and there was no sock and it wasn't folded amongst the clothes either. WHERE IS MY SOCK, SERIOUSLY???


  1. I think the washing machine eats socks :c
    Lol, I hate when I losing a sock...
    Anyway you look great, love that black
    dress and of course those boots! Xx

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit like always! it's so annoying when you lose a sock, I always end up going round with odd socks on haha x

    Silver Electrons

  3. Those boots are gorgeous Jade! Seriously love your monochrome outfits, that white jacket gets me every time. Odd socks are obviously the style statement of the season ;) absolutely feel ya there bro. x

  4. you super look fab, jade!
    would love to have that boots of yours! x

    love always, ena


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