Sunday, 27 October 2013

Some dreams are better when they end

Loop knit coat, sand boots, top, bag - Zara || Leigh jeans, floral crown - Topshop

So it turns out that this glorified cardigan/coat I bought does actually keep me quite warm. Although it hasn't snowed yet, so I might be eating my words in two month's time. Also YOLO if I see them in store then I'm getting the boots in khaki too. And then they will be the last pair of boots I buy this year.......     Haaaaaaaa.

This photo may have been taken in Covent Garden but I am now firmly on Liverpudlian soil. Let me tell you, there's nothing better than the train you're on pulling into your hometown and then making that familiar journey back to your house.

For the trip home I wore these shoes for the first time and omg, flat shoes are the work of the devil. Heeled boots may sometimes hurt the balls of your feet but at least they don't saw through the back of your heel/ankle. Inspecting the damage when I finally got to sit down was like a scene from Carrie. Plasters were bought ASAP.

P.S. Does anyone like Damien Rice? Wallow with me.


  1. Hey fairy you! Glad to hear that the cardigan kept you warm
    afteral! I think the floral headband looked cute on you!
    The movie Carrie is creepy :c Xx

  2. haha..ya, flats can be a tricky thing too, hope your feet are doing better...I need those boots!

  3. I love the coat / coatigan - looks so incredibly cosy! Might try and see if I can find one in my local store this week! x x

  4. That jacket does look ridiculously cozy. I love lightweight jackets/cardis that are warmer than they appear. Coats are so clunky and annoying in the fall. And I love that floral crown. It's adorable. I wish I could pull one off! ;)

  5. Oh that coatigan style thang is a DREAM. So perfect for journeying across and out of London too, y'know when a coat feels right outside your door and wrong on every other part of your journey... ;) Looking so lovely Jade! x

  6. I'm kind of in love with everything in your look! Especially those shoes!


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