Monday, 14 October 2013

Not in the swing of things yet

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Hat - Topshop || Shirt - Zara || Skirt - River Island || Bag - Zara || Boots - Topshop

Impractical outfit as ever! In my defence, when I left the house for uni in this, it was fair weather, no wind or rain. When I finished uni, it was a tropical storm :) it's a thin shirt, by the way :) that goes sheer when wet, so ^_^

This is the hat I mentioned the other day that will. not. stay. on my head. I've resorted to holding it in my hand when I'm in tube stations and then putting it back on when I'm seated because the wind from oncoming tubes is actually too much. Anyone got any tips on keeping hats on without having to have a fat skull?!

Besides threatening to elope to a Chinese village to avoid university work, I've been mulling over some important life decisions recently. I've been getting up at the same time as morning commuters for the past two weeks so I've seen a lot of men looking super sharp in suits. So now I'm thinking: do I marry a musician or a businessman? Imagine if they were a businessman by day (crisp white shirt, no tie but top button undone, well fitting suit) but played guitar by night :o.


  1. LOVE this Jade. Those boots look perfect with your shirt. I can't resist a well suited man either, on my old commute, there was a dude in a crisp navy YSL suit who always stood in the same carriage as me. Commuter coincidence or fate, I think the latter ;) x

  2. absolutely love this. you look beaudiful! x

  3. before i read the actual blog post i was thinking how on earth are you wearing that outfit in the weather we're having lately!! but then i read the first paragraph and yup. absolutely typical. (also... who can resist a man in a dapper suit ;))

  4. Love. This. Look. !!!! You look awesome, so who cares if the look is impractical?!? lol i kid. I'm alll about practicality, but sometimes, it simply must go out the window in the name of style. As for the hat, as mentioned before, we are in the same boat my friend: mine won't stay on my head either. I just put my hand over it when i'm walking through a particularly windy area. Oh- and i agree: businessman by day, musician by night: best of both worlds!

    Hope you had a nice weekend xx

  5. Ah I hate it when weather changes drastically like that :c
    I bet you've pulled a lot of Monroe's movements. And I
    kind of liking the idea of musician and businessmen in one
    :P Xx

  6. definitely business man by day, musician by night! sounds slightly mysterious too. love those white boots but omg i would get them soooooo dirty after an hour or so T_T


  7. you look so stunning.
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  8. I totally love the outfit!! So cute..especiall with bag and shoes! CAn´t believe it went sheer, oh noes :)) And yes, go for the double version! My husband has to wear suit all day (nice) and then on weekends he turns back into college kid (cute) .... :))


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