Wednesday, 23 October 2013

No one could love you, could think more of you

Mac - Topshop || Leather pants - H&M || Top, bag, shoes - Zara || Hat - Topshop

A mac and leather pants seem like a good idea to waterproof yourself from the weather, but then the rain and humidity gets to the pants and you end up smelling like a musty wet cow. Really not ideal when you're in tube carriages and other people have noses. And no amount of perfume helps! I was the scented version of the phrase "you can't polish a turd". But I couldn't help being matchy matchy with the leather-look patch pockets on my Zara top ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And I know I waxed lyrical about my new Zara items the other day but these photos are from last week. Rest assured I've been giving the boots and coat good exercise. See on my Instagram!

As for myself, I'm giving myself a reading week (it's like half term for universities) and going back to Liverpool for a bit. This is something I've done for the past two years since our course doesn't actually get one during the Autumn term. Too much university seriously bores me, London is draining my bank account and I need some North and my car back in my life.

P.S. Jesus Christ, does anyone else want the iPad Air? It only weighs one bloody pound!!


  1. This outfit is bloody amazing girl! Even if it can't contend with the tub, but let's be honest very few outfits can, my jumper/tights/coat combination yesterday wasn't a pretty sight after I ran up the escalators/down the platform at London Bridge. Have fun in Liverpool - wish I could join you! xx

  2. You look lovely again Jade and yeah the weather
    here was insanely warm. Hot almost! Have a nice
    stay in Liverpool c; Xx

  3. I would've thought that this would be the perfect trendy rain outfit. Too bit it starts being a little smelly...
    Wear it on a dry day- you look great!



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