Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My perfect night out

As you may be able to tell, I'm a very particular person. I know what I like so I can be hard to please (read: I'm a spoilt brat). Going for a night out isn't any different and it's part of the reason why I can never be bothered to go out! Unless I'm in a good place with good people (or too drunk to know any better) I'll easily get bored and tired and want to go home. Anyone else?!

Epic Apartments Liverpool asked me to share my perfect night out, which I was happy to do as a short distraction from uni work!

As if I don't mention it enough, I bum my home city, so my night out would, of course, have to take place in Liverpool. You all must visit the place! I promise you, the friendliest people you'll come across. (By far friendlier than Londoners, as a whole, in my opinion!)

For my outfit, I'd most likely wear a two-piece outfit, so shorts or a skirt and a top, rather than a dress. I don't think I've ever worn anything that my mum hasn't said is too short, so make of that what you will! And of course always heels. I love to dress up.

To start, my place of choice would be Tabac on Bold Street. It's a great sit down place to chat with friends whilst drinking the best pitchers (of I don't even know what) and get nicely pickled before moving onto actual town. Lots of front-facing camera selfies would most likely occur.

Or if I was feeling cocktails instead, TriBeCa does amazing ones that don't even taste alcoholic. Their mojitos are served in jars so duh, they're automatically the best, and they have this delicious cocktail called Bubble Gum Sour, which tastes exactly as you'd imagine.

When I'm actually out, I do enjoy a good dance, horrific as that image might be. Nothing better than having a laugh at that one guy who tries to dance his way into a group of friends either (because you do get some wronguns in Liverpool). My ideal music would have to be chart or cheese, nothing without words though - what am I supposed to sing along to?!

Prime example of a wrongun (that would be me)

If I really wanted to go all out for a special occasion, the obvious choice would be to rent an apartment for the night. A few friends have done so in the past for birthdays and the apartments have always been super nice. Besides being in a very nice abode, usually in the perfect location, you have your own playlist, drinks of choice and best friends. Very cheesy for me to say but a very good night indeed.

I had a look at Epic Liverpool's apartment offerings and they look more than swish and glam. As Cheryl Cole once said in 2010: "Right up my street!" This is a sponsored post but I can honestly say that if you were a group of friends looking for a memorable night out - especially if visiting a different city - then all chipping in for an apartment is well worth it.

All that being said, lez be honest, a free bar anywhere, as long as I'm with good mates and there's good music, would be pretty good too.


  1. Adore that jacket Jade! I'm not such a huge fan of nights out anymore after having my drink spiked 3 years ago! I do enjoy the odd evening (and night and early hours) at Playkrown in London though - gimme a sneaky beer, good company and some music and I'm good to go! xx

  2. Bahahahahahah that pic of you fallen in a corner is EPIC!!! Laughed out loud on that one for sure! I'm dying to visit Liverpool one day -- that may or may not have something to do with me being a huge Beatles fan ;) The only places i've been to in the UK are London and Bath, both awesome, might i add. Truthfully, i also cannot be bothered to go out. I think it may have something to do with getting older? I mean, i do enjoy going out for drinks but i can't say the last time i was out at a nightclub. It's probably related to the fact that i am married and would much rather spend time at home with the hubby. I just can't be bothered, when, as you mention, half the time i just don't have fun and just wish that i was home haha. So lame!

    PS to answer you question about how to prevent your hat from flying off your head, well there's simply one good answer: it has to fit properly! My head is so small that it's hard to find a hat that will stay, so the one i'm wearing in that post literally flies off at every minor gust. I just keep my hand on my head when that happens and hope for the best. Ha!

  3. Sounds like Liverpool is worth a visit...
    Why are you on the floor again ;)


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