Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I will say I knew it all along

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Loop knit coat, top, shoes - Zara || Jeans - H&M || Hat - Topshop

This is what it's like to be friends with me - I WEAR THE SAME CLOTHES ALL THE TIME. It wasn't raining for once, so I chanced it with these new flats from Zara. The wounds they've given me are of biblical proportions and it's safe to say that I'm disabled for life. Won't be returning them though because in the words of Monica: "The soles are already a little scuffed and the insides are filled with my blood!"

I've taken the time at home to dig out my old school kilt because seeing all this tartan on the high street is making me want some. It's funny; I used to hate putting on my school skirt because it meant that I was awake on the wrong side of 8am. Not to mention it got super itchy in the summer when we weren't wearing tights. Now I'd give anything to be putting it on to be going back to school! We complained about having a strict uniform at the time but I have to say, it's better than the stress I go through trying to decide my outfits for uni.

The skirt is knee-length so I'm obviously not going to be wearing it out anytime soon but I'm planning on getting it taken up and then LC (my old school) will live on FOREVER.


  1. Ah! I'm loving tartan as well, can't wait to see you in your
    school kilt! And again, bummer to hear about your killer
    Zara shoes! Xx

  2. it's the same for me: i buy a new piece of clothing/shoes and i will wear it to death. i mean you gotta get your money's worth LOL

  3. I love this outfit the hat is amazing!,


  4. I love this! From the hat to the shoes, all are so good. xx

  5. amazing look! you are pretty
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)


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