Monday, 21 October 2013

I know your eyes in the morning sun

Shirt - Forever 21 || Pants - ASOS || Blazer - Primark || Bag and shoes - Zara || Hat - Topshop

Am I looking bloody ~autumnal~ or what? Not really because my top half is blending in with the white wall. But I'm wearing dark lipstick, so let's just say I am. Chanel L'Impatiente for anyone wondering! I really am trying to dress appropriately for the cold because I'm still not fully well from a cold I got a week ago but I really dislike wearing jumpers and coats -_-. I think it's because I used to be a bit of a heffer when I was young so I want to avoid looking like that again as much as I can!

A bit of advice for anyone reading who hasn't already yet: don't go to university. You will have to do a dissertation (thesis) and you will die. I've not even thought of a topic yet but I must have really had a face on when I was talking to my tutor because he said I need to have some energy and be a lot more optimistic about it. How can anyone be optimistic about writing 10-12,000 words??? Someone give me a great dissertation idea that can relate to media please D:


  1. gorgeous outfit, love the colour palette! ugh, your uni work sounds like hell, I've never really been keen on the idea of going to uni, I think I'd end up having a mental breakdown! xx

  2. Yeah, an essay/thesis, I'm feeling it at the moment and I just
    can't wait to finish it! You look nice and NICE dark lips girly!

  3. i'm so glad a dissertation is optional on my course. just the thought of having to write practically a book stresses me out.
    i was thinking maybe relate your dissertation on blogging? since you are a "blogger" it may be easier but i don't know! good luck :)

  4. I love this look. It does look perfect for Fall, haha. And good luck with your dissertation. Ugh, it sounds like such a pain!

  5. LOVE this lipstick on you Jade! Yep, bloody autumnal! I gotta say - i am sooooo incredibly glad that university is far behind me hehe i was never much of a student. Some people just love that shit though, god bless them. Ps so funny you used to be heffer (your words!), no hints of that anymore, let me tell you :) xx

  6. loving the detailing on the shirt. i guess youll have to try on loads of different coat style as theres one for everyone. my days, i remember the dissertation period. it always scared me and i had ended up with 16,000 words somehow :/



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