Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cold in the coming months

Jumper - Zara Kids || Pleather skirt - H&M || Boots - Zara

Yeah, you read right: Zara Kids! Don't knock it because it's a lot cheaper than adult clothes, so for basics like a simple knitted jumper (this one was £8, I think), it's a good option. Age 13-14 years is the oldest Zara kids do and for the most part for their t-shirts and jumpers, I'd say they fit a UK size 10 (probably no bigger than a C cup for the chest though!).

It may be Autumn but like I've said before, I'm still not ready for tights. This is where living near uni is helpful because it's only a short shiver there and back, so I'm getting away with it for now. But I have bought a new hat to keep me warm! That's actually a lie; it's purpose is purely decorative and it threatens to fly off at the slightest bit of wind. But it's a really great hat. No doubt I'll be blogging it soon. Along with yet more new Orelia jewellery purchases!

I'd better get back to doing some work because I overslept today thinking my lecture was an hour later than it actually was. But if anyone's bothered, I finally got the gold iPhone! ^_^ (No thanks to Apple, mind you.)

P.S. I'm really into this song at the moment. Very calming. Jeff Pianki in general is très bien.

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  1. Haha high5 girlie, I love to shop at the kids section as well c:
    You look nice! Ugh I hope we have that knitwear in our Zara
    shops Xx


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