Friday, 4 October 2013

All my fake friends and all of their noise

Blazer - Primark || Top - Zara || Leigh jeans - Topshop || Boots - Zara

The humidity is so unbearable that I didn't need this blazer but I'm sad and needed to put one on to "complete the outfit". Which meant I walked into class fully sweating. As usual, I'm over-wearing my most recently bought clothes but I feel like it's an outfit that Emmanuelle Alt would approve of and that is definitely a good thing.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the house I'm living in for third year is welcoming three deeeelightful little kittens. They have arrived!! Biggles is by far the cutest because he's a polydactyl cat, so he has an extra toe on his paws, making him look like he's got thumbs/wearing mittens!!!!

They're only four months old(!) so they're still absolute babies but I can't wait for Biggles to fully warm to me so I can kidnap him and have him live in my room with me! If you're not a cat person, shame on you but if you're not even a kitten person then please leave this page asap.

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  1. Awhh, that kitten is adorable! And I love your look. I think the white blazer was a wonderful addition. I can't wait to see kitten updates on your Instagram :)

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  2. oh the kitten ♥ and you look awesome!

  3. Biggles is soooo cute! I had no idea that cats could have extra toes on their paws! Is it really rare? x x

  4. Thanks for stopping by sweety! Can´t believe, I am actually leaving for the very conference tomorrow, we started out planning back in spring..remember :) Wish you could come, would love to meet ya!!

  5. Haha i'm totally the same way: the outfit MUST be complete and there will be no layer removal, with the exception of possible death as a consequence! Ok, i might be exaggerating, but your sweating paid off cause this look is fantastic, extra layer and all!



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