Thursday, 5 September 2013

You smile and say how are you and I'll say just fine

T-shirt - H&M || Embroidered leather skirt - Zara || Converse

My favourite skirt of the moment! I picked this up in the sale a few weeks ago in an apparent moment of madness, because I never would have thought cream leather could be anything but unflattering and cheap looking on me. But it's perfectly casual and most importantly, comfortable. I do enjoy the embroidered detail too.

As you can see from the garish decor in the background, I'm in a shopping centre (The Trafford Centre). I was on the hunt for a dress for an upcoming black tie 21st and what do you know, the whole place had nothing I wanted. I ended up half-heartedly getting this slip dress from Topshop with plans to dress it up. Minimal, smart but glam is what I'm aiming for. Ha  ha  ha. Legend has it that you can't go wrong with an LDB, so...! I'm actually more excited to dress it down for daytime wear!

A more enthusiastic purchase from the trip now adorning my hands is this delicate heart ring from one of my favourite jewellery brands, Orelia. My friends may call it "tat" when I spend £10+ on the tiniest piece of jewellery (I've been know to buy what is literally a piece of thread), but I adore it all. And Orelia sell the daintiest necklaces and rings that actually last through showering/exercising/life! You can find them in Topshop and online.

Other than fretting about dresses for 21st birthdays I've been picking up my Baby Taylor more and attempting to play what is supposed to resemble 'music'. It definitely sounds awful on the ears but it's quite cathartic trying to play along to my iTunes, especially when it's noose-around-the-neck-worthy Damien Rice!


  1. Is it just me or has your hair gotten even longer? Beautiful hun!

  2. Nice leather skirt! I love embroidery as well c:
    That ring is cute and elegant! Xx

  3. I love dainty jewellery! Saw some lovely rings on etsy the other day which are still incredibly tempting! :S x x

  4. girl it looks like you have such long legs!! out of curiosity how tall are you??

  5. that skirt is so cute, love the details on the side!x

    Silver Electrons

  6. Gorgeous girl , looking lovely xx

  7. That skirt is so cute! I love the stitching detail.


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