Monday, 23 September 2013

You can call me queen bee

topshop back strap slip dress, whistles neon clutch, Liverpool fashion blog
topshop back strap slip dress, whistles neon clutch, Liverpool fashion blog
Back strap slip dress - Topshop || Shoes - Zara || Clutch bag - Whistles || Necklace - Johnny Loves Rosie

Well I did my best with the plainest dress on this side of the Milky Way. God loves a trier. No, I actually really love this dress. So much so that I bought a similar one in cream from ASOS. Don't care if Winter is coming!

I also love this necklace by Johnny Loves Rosie (via ASOS) but I'm not sure if I'm completely sold on statement necklaces yet. I have a habit of always running each half of hair through my hands to keep it neat (if that makes sense) and I'm not a fan of constantly having to tug at strands that get caught up in jewellery. Still having a love affair with the clutch though.

On another note, this face is the biggest fake smile if you ever saw one. I'm at the END OF MY TETHER with Apple. I have never had a bad word to say about them but after queuing since 3:30 AM on the launch morning of the new 5s and not coming home with a new phone, and then getting up earlier than birds everyday to check if the stores have stock and STILL having no luck, I am livid, frustrated, absolutely gutted!! Call me materialistic, spoilt or whatever but we all have our vices and mine happens to be iPhones. Hey Apple, HOW'S ABOUT RELEASING MORE STOCK FOR THE PHONE YOU WERE SO EXCITED TO LAUNCH? AND NO-ONE CARES ABOUT THE 5C, TIM COOK. 


  1. Beautiful littleblackdress c: that titel is
    from the song by Lorde :D Yeah, the
    5C.. I like that it comes in color but
    plastic? And not really cheap as they

  2. Looking beaut as ever! Adore the dress

  3. Love love love how you put this whole look together!! You look amazing! I love the simplicity, the whole thing is perfect.

    Can't believe you actually stood in line for the iphone! I never knew anyone who did that, what a mega disappointment to not get one after all of that, shit! :(

    PS Jade i think you should enter my give away, giving away an amazing pair of jeans that i think would look great on you!


  4. Gosh you queued up for so long! It's a shame you didn't get the phone at the end of it, Apple are just so good at making up excuses for not having enough stock. They definitely do it on purpose. Anyway, you look lovely Jade - adore your shoes!

  5. Sometime less is truly more. And in your case it couln´t look any more devine! With your hair, the fab!


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