Monday, 30 September 2013

We live in cities you'll never see on screen

Shirt - Zara || Jeans - H&M || Bag - Zara || Boots - Zara

Oh my God, even I'm getting a tiny bit bored of wearing so much from Zara. And I was actually mugged off by paying £30 for this standard blue shirt that creases when you so much as breathe on it. But I suppose I'm not allowed to complain since I voluntarily walk in there and as good as throw my card at the till.

I'm not usually so optimistic but I had a good weekend. It started on Friday morning when I went the Apple store at the crack of dawn. Unbelievably there was a huge queue before the shop even opened. People are mad?! (obviously I know I'm unhinged myself) I managed to get a ticket to buy a 5s but we all know I'm a massive brat - it's bloody space grey isn't it? So I'm going to return and swap it for the gold if I ever get my hands on it! The slow motion video recording is unreal though.

After that I went straight to Leeds to visit a friend for the weekend. London to Leeds traffic is awful but I'm 100% bumming Lorde's new album, Pure Heroine, at the moment so that made the lonely drive more enjoyable. (My faaaavourite song is Team and I've put it down below so have a listen!) Also I've decided that there are more attractive people in Leeds than London... well, than my uni campus anyway. I think I need to relocate.

Now I'm back in Liverpool for two glorious days. I'm thinking of this as my final FINAL bit of relaxing before hard work starts. We had our first proper dissertation talk the other day and you can bet I can't :) flipping :) wait :) for :) that :)


  1. Oh wow you managed to get the phone? Hope it lives up to the hype! Love Zara too - your bag is awesome.

  2. Hun, I adore the headline! And good luck with your dissertation!!

  3. Love the palette of this outfit, it's the perfect transitional look! Glad your weekend was good - and the gold iphone (champagne, is it?) is totally the one i would get to, hopefully you can get your paws on it! Ps love the tune :) xx


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