Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Same city, same friends if you're looking for me

Cardigan/pants - New Look || Cami top - Zara (similar here) || Topshop Allegra boots - via eBay

This is probably the most casual you'll ever see me :o. I never wear cardigans for the irrational fear of looking like a mammoth and I have a skill of making them look so dowdy on me, but it was one of those dreary days where you just C B A and I'm still in a sulk about having to wear coats, so I threw it on. Although I did make an effort to put on a berry lipstick to match my pants. Berry good ey??

It is well and truly Autumn outside. I need new clothes.


  1. Hear hear! I'm dying to head to one of the Westfields to stock up on some knitwear. But knowing me, I'll probably end up buying shorts or something else that's completely out of season and non weather appropriate! *STORY OF MY LIFE* :D


  2. Girl you look anything but frumpy!! Sometimes there are moments in life when you just need to feel more casual :) It's also full-fledged autumn here, which is especially felt at nighttime, even thought they're predicting yet another warm front for the end of the week! And i'm also DYING for a new wardrobe!


  3. berry is the best shade for this season. berry lips <3 i need those pants asap. i haven't worn pants out in years now as leggings had replaced everything, and tights too! but i would soooo wear those


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