Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Maybe I dream about you

zara silk shirt, ootd
Shirt - Zara || Jeans - Topshop || Shoes - Zara (similar here)

Let's start with happier things: I still can't enough of this silk (read: polyester) shirt. It's incredibly flattering and feels like wearing pyjamas. I'm considering incorporating one of my actual pyjama shirts into an outfit but is that whole trend over now?

I can feel my style changing as I lean more towards silkier shirts than sheer chiffon ones and I'm favouring slim leg silhouettes over wearing skirts. This may or may not be influenced entirely by Emmanuelle Alt. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much of Zara's A/W collection I can get my hands on. Needless to say, I'm very excited for Autumn/Winter dressing!

Also, I just want to mention how miffed I am. Last week I came across this beautiful person - highly likely very nice and intelligent - and just like that I am never going to see him again because Liverpool is small, but it's not that small. WHY does God tease us? I'm being vague but I'm saying this on the unlikely off chance that said person googles my name(?!), comes across this post and somehow knows that I am talking about him. (Get in touch, marry me, whatever.) Isn't delusion great?

Onto actual grim news: So yesterday after shooting these outfit photos, I went home to go on an evening run. I kid you not, I was assaulted(!!) by some teenage boy whilst I was out! He came up behind me on his bike and slapped me very hard on my backside (actually hurt!) and then rode off grinning!! I am mortified that I've even had to write that sentence but I am still in shock that he had the audacity to do that.

So yeah, for the simple stupid fact that I'm female, I have to watch myself when I go running. What a joke!!

P.S. The Mercedes-Benz competition I posted about the other day - it's now the voting stage so don't forget to vote for your favourite summer look at mbsocialreporter.co.uk@MercedesBenzUK #socialreporter


  1. Mate. That shirt. Totes need me one of those! xx

  2. I've had the same experience!!! (regarding getting slapped on the backside by a total stranger.)
    I was waiting at the bus stop with friends and this old geezer (he was OLD) just came up to me and slapped me on the butt for no particular reason and just walked off) ERGH. Disgusting


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