Monday, 16 September 2013

Love and misadventure

Dress - Topshop || Emily's necklace - Zara

It's finally happening - friends are turning starting to turn 21, which means my own day of doom is looming. In my panicked rush to get ready on Saturday I didn't get to take a proper outfit photo, hence the mirror pic, and I forgot my necklace, card and ID! Thank the party Gods it was an open bar.

The dress is quite literally so last year. I bought it with no real purpose in mind so it's been patiently sitting in my wardrobe (tag still on) for over a year until I decided to put it on for a friend's birthday. I paired it with these Zara ankle strap sandals and my new Whistles clutch. I definitely recommend this kind of wraparound style because it's incredibly flattering! But knowing me, no doubt I'll probably never decide to wear it again because I'm so fickle with clothes.

I have one week left before I have to go back to London for uni and I seriously cannot be bothered. Not only because it's my last year so I'll have a huge workload but also because the recent wind and rain has been AMAZING to stay at home and listen to. There is truly nothing like home comforts.

But you can bet your Apple ass that I canNOT WAIT for Friday. iPhone 5s!!!!!

P.S. Post title is the title of Lang Leav's new poetry book. I highly recommend it.


  1. You look nice and not last year!
    I also love your hair c: Xx

  2.´re still so young!!! OMG...I feel so old now :( In any case, the color of that dress is made for you! Lovely!!! And how awesome is the quality of your phone camera??? You don´t need iphone 5...

  3. such a hottie! you should keep wearing that dress, it looks great on you.


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