Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Freckles in your smile in the back of my mind

zara ootd
Cropped sweater - Zara || Pleated skirt - Topshop || Bag and shoes - Zara

I look moody because it's officially tights weather again :( I can deal with jeans and leather pants but not tights for some reason. I'm just not ready. However the heavens opened today and I wanted to wear this skirt so I had to pick my battles. I recommend that everyone pick up a cropped long sleeve top like this one, by the way. Very versatile for Autumn and the ever bipolar weather.

I popped into town yesterday for a Byron lunch, because God knows I love the HUGE pickle that comes on the side of the burger, and finally got to see This Is Us. That's One Direction's new film, for the non-fans and it was SO. GOOD. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time and it brought back strong memories/emotions from when I saw them at the O2 arena in London. They are unreal, like actually UNREAL.
I am aware that my blog is all about the material goods and I'm all for superficiality, so I thought it would be good for the old karma to put in something to contrast that. Plus I was contacted to share some info about a very good cause, so I'm not going to say no to that.

Anyone who watches YouTube will have watched or at least come across Alfie - Pointless Blog. He's an ambassador for NCS (National Citizens Service), who give 16 and 17 year olds in England/NI opportunities to learn new skills, get involved in loads of activities and make new friends. I don't know how many readers of my blog are 16/17, but if you are, there's still time to sign up and get involved. All the info is on the NCS website!

Here's a video of Alfie interviewing gymnast Kezia, who is on the NCS programme. Even if you aren't the right age to get involved, he is definitely not unattractive, so you may as well give it a watch:


  1. Weird, I have never heard of this Alfie (cute
    name) before...... yet again, I'm not 16 anymore :c
    Yeah, its tight time and I don't know how I feel
    about it aswell... you look cute nice tho! Love
    the white skirt c; Xx

  2. You look so lovely Jade! That cropped sweater is adorable and how good does your hair look?! So jealous of your Byron's visit, I haven't been in forever because of all these burger pop-ups in London! xx

  3. Love the monochrome on you, but I'm with you on being moody about tights weather. I hate wearing pant-like bottoms.


    P.S. Last days to enter my giveaway for a $1900 aquamarine necklace!

  4. great look for the autumn transition! i deffo need a crop long sleeve like that. that exact one. im not ready for tight season T_T


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