Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mercedes-Benz #SocialReporter

This is a different post than usual but something I thought people might be interested in because, well, I am and I'm guessing if you read my blog then we have similar interests!

Mercedes-Benz are giving people the chance to:
"Win access to an exclusive fashion event with Mercedes-Benz. You will be mingling with celebrities and VIP’s and report your experience back via social media. Activities include interviewing Tanya Burr over lunch and attending a fashion party and events. Round trip travel to London, accommodation and a personal chauffeur are included."
Who wouldn't want to win this? You've made it in life if you have a personal chauffeur. All you need to do is submit an entry that represents your summer look of 2013. It can be a blog post, Instagram image, YouTube video or even a tweet and you can add as many pieces of content from different social channels as you like!

Submit your entry HERE. The competition closes at midnight on 28th August - that's tomorrow!

It's the easiest competition ever because the chances are that you've already created your entry. I'll be submitting this outfit from earlier this summer:

What's more "summer look 2013" than barely there sandals and the infamous Zara skort? Both have really made the rounds on blogs this summer, which isn't surprising considering they're both so versatile, so of course I ended up picking them up. I don't even like peep-toe usually but these shoes are so flattering for the legs, go with everything and let's be honest, you're barely even wearing shoes so no clammy feet when you go out (eeeww).

Shy of the odd floral headband, the skort and sandals are definitely in there for my ultimate summer look pieces.

Now go and submit your entry! If you don't have time to write a post or anything, you can choose a previous Instagram photo or blog post, just anything that represents this summer's style to you. And remember to submit HERE by midnight tomorrow!


  1. Ermmmm is this competition includes
    for people in EU? Anyway you look
    great as usual c: Love that skort!


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