Wednesday, 28 August 2013

London Grammar

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This is going to be rambley so I'll start with a little music. I heard this song on the radio a couple of weeks ago and it is so perfect for chillaxin, as they say in France. The people commenting saying they're crying listening need to calm down a bit, but it is boss nonetheless.

I am still without a repaired phone, presumably because the insurance company is just sitting around thinking people don't want their phones back until 2015, and since I use my phone to take blog photos, I am unable to blog what I usually blog about! Consequently, not being able to blog has meant I'm not even on my laptop as much so I've barely been catching up on blog reading. How am I supposed to knOW WHAT THE ~IN~ THING FROM ZARA IS THIS MONTH?!

I semi-kid. Being apart from my usual technology this much has actually been nice. I now have a great excuse to ignore calls that I usually can't be bothered answering, I don't have the ten spam emails a day from my university pushed to phone and I've been spending a lot more time with our oven. Cake, roast chicken, cinnamon rolls - you name it, I've probably not made it. But I've made a lot of batches of cinnamon rolls because I keep doing stupid things like forgetting important ingredients! (The Goddamn egg!!)

I'm going to attempt lotus seed mooncake with egg yolks next because it's coming up to the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, or as I call it, "Mooncake Day". For the non-Chinese, I couldn't even tell you what the festival actually celebrates but I can tell you that these mooncakes are so delicious, especially the egg bit. They're like £20+(!!?) for a box of four though, so I'd recommend making friends with someone Chinese and you might get to try some.


  1. Maybe its a good thing you don't see
    whats new at Zara (save up some cash!)
    And mooncakes are not really my
    favorite, and I don't like the yolks :c
    I do like the one with just plain
    lotus paste c: Xx

  2. My family has never celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival because we're not really that Chinese on the inside. However, I always get a few moon cakes from my friends and they're quite tasty.

    Being away from your phone might be a good thing. It means less distractions and keeps you focused on school/work.

  3. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your phone, i would be completely lost without mine! Hang in there!

    I had never in my life hear of those cakes and must say, i would be curious to try them after clicking on your informative link!

    PS that song was amazing.


  4. Obsessing over London Grammar, the new album If You Wait, is absolutely amazing ! been listening to the preview alllllll day

  5. Have you checked out the rest of London Grammar's songs? They put them up on Spotify pretty amazing stuff


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