Saturday, 3 August 2013

Beach is better

 Lace kaftan cover up (similar here) - Topshop

Floral playsuit (similar here and here) - Topshop || Shoes - Zara

First outfit:
At £32 for a flimsy bit of net I wasn't completely sold on this cover-up and I was actually ready to return it, but laziness meant I didn't and now I've worn it, I'm glad I didn't. It looks great with a bright coloured bikini and doesn't look too 'beachy' for putting on a pair of denim shorts underneath to travel to and from the beach. I mean, it's white, and there's always a place in my wardrobe for more white. And yes, I'm very aware that my face is two-toned -_-

Second outfit:
I bought this playsuit a few years ago after seeing it on The Cherry Blossom Girl blog and it still remains to be the only floral clothing I own/will wear. I remember being so torn over buying it because it was fifty bloody pounds(!) but my friend coerced me by giving me the old rational "cost per wear" talk. I don't think it's had fifty wears yet though! Also, if you think I look a cheese sitting in front of the fountain like that, you should have seen the people in "draw me like one of your French girls" positions. A slightly stronger breeze and they would have been drenched.


  1. So cute, Jade! The cover-up in your first outfit is really pretty, I wish I'd gone away this summer, feels like I haven't had a beach holiday in forever. xx

  2. I think that lace net dress looks really nice!
    Good thing that you didn't returned it :P
    You look lovely in that floral playsuit, you
    should wear more floral often Jade! A one that
    doesn't need to cost 50 bucks :P Xx

  3. I love your floral playsuit! I don't think I own anything floral, I never seem to find anything that suits me, i've lost count of all the things i've bought that were floral and then returned! x

  4. so photogenic. that is one pretty cover up, so £32 well spent i see XD deffo agree on the comments above about the floral playsuit and floral in general!

  5. Vacation time yay! Looks great! Love the glow on your face on the beach photo!


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