Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Still find pieces of you in the back of my mind

Shirt - Primark || Jeggings - ASOS (old) || Mac - Topshop || Boots - Topshop

Rainy day in Liverpool, so I brought out the mac. A pretty standard outfit accessorised with the biggest face you ever did see. Zzzzzz.

So I've been really getting into Wimbledon, so much so that I ordered a Nike tennis skirt (told you I was highly suggestible!). I do not and cannot play tennis, by the way!! I went to some courts yesterday with a friend and I am horrifically bad. The skirt arrived today and it's so beautiful, SO Wimbledon, but I'm double-minded whether to keep it or return it. I'm thinking if I'm ever in the situation to need to play tennis, hockey, lacrosse or golf(?!), I'll be prepared kit-wise. On the other hand, when is that ever going to happen, really? I never seem to learn and just throw my money away. I wish I could be like those aliens in Space Jam and steal someone's tennis talent!


  1. I don't like tennis because I can't
    hit any ball :P you look nice Jade!

  2. Love the soft colours in your outfit. And your hair is so gorgeous!


    P.S. I've got a giveaway goin' on at the blog.

  3. I haven't been keeping up with Wimbledon at all this year, damn the office being TV-free! Love your outfit Jade, the shirt works so well with your mac and those dreamy boots! xx

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Absolutely love your shirt and your white shoes are so pretty!

    Yinyin xx

  5. LOL i love that you ordered a tennis skirt from being really into Wimbledon!! Tennis is SO MUCh harder than it looks, i'm always so disappointed with myself when i play and can't believe how terrible i am! On another note, love the blouse and boots, super cute.

    ps i did go for the cream poncho, as i, too, am not much of a color person! And having a food husband is the best, but a musician one would be pretty good too.. mine happens to be both :)



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