Saturday, 27 July 2013

Barcelona break

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I'm back from a veeery relaxing break from Barcelona! It was beautifully sunny, just a bit too hot everyday and I ate my weight in seafood ^_^. I'm not really a tourism fan so my highlights include trying the McRib in McDonalds, trips to Sephora and finding a pick and mix pastry counter where you could get like ten danish pastries for about £3!!

I had planned to take daily outfit photos but the heat plus a camera really doesn't agree with me so I only took a few, which I'll spread out in the next few posts.

Everything Zara!

I've been waiting to wear this top for ages so you can imagine how pathetically excited I was to put it on. I'm sure all girls get like that about new clothes? It has a low open back too so it was great for Barcelona heat and getting me as tanned as possible. Mission accomplished because my mum looked at my skin in horror when I came back. She's a typical Asian mum and hates me getting tanned, zzzzz!


  1. oh wow i could really do with a break away from england right now -.- so jel!!! but on the other hand the weather in england has been quite good lately haha.
    the beach looks a-freaking-mazing!!!

  2. I love your summery outfit. Everyone seems to be going mad for Zara clothes at the moment. The beach looks amazing too!

  3. You Europeans are so lucky to be able to jaunt from one beautiful country to the next without doing too much traveling and no passport.. sigh. Dying to go to Barcelona one day! I laughed out loud about the bit where a highlight was trying the McRib at Mcdonald's! And i totally get what you're saying about waiting to wear a new item of clothing - i'm the exact same - i mean, what's not to be excited about wearing something new?! You look super cute in it btw :)


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