Thursday, 6 June 2013

Walk right up to you and put one finger in the air

Blazer - Forever 21 || Shirt - New Look || Skirt - Zara || Shoes - Zara

1) I need a haircut and 2) I need to lose knee weight - is this possible?! Everything and everyone just seems so much better and happier when it's sunny. I very much enjoy this look of a white blazer with a bright shirt and I am catching more of a tan every time I stand in sunlight, which is just fine by me. Except the other day I was sitting outside a restaurant, the building on one side and the sun on the other, so my right leg is evenly coloured but my left leg has a very unwanted tan line where my shorts ended!! It's funny (except it's not) because when I was unclothed on the sunbeds a few weeks ago, I barely caught any colour but now I'm wearing clothes in the sun, I'm getting the most horrendous lines! Talk about the most superficial first world problems...

It wouldn't be an over exaggeration to say that I don't have much to write about because I'm STILL in mourning/shock/anger over Game of Thrones (S03E09). I haven't read the books so I did not see it coming!! What a sadistic writer!!! If anyone's still not watching this programme you should seriously consider starting. It absolutely lives up to the hype. Just don't do anything stupid like me and get attached and fancy one of the characters because they will most likely get killed off!


  1. I love your blazer! I've been lusting after so many things from Forever21 recently but I have no space left in my wardrobe now i've moved back home and I can't bring myself to start selling it all on eBay haha x

  2. Gahhh, uneven tans are the worst, right? ;) and then you try to even it out and it gets even worse. I love your blazer and shirt together, I think I need something in a similar colour to your shirt soon! xx

  3. Great outfit, and I like the way you did your hair the braid is pretty much perfectly done.

  4. Great outfit - really girly and pretty :) x

  5. amazing photos :)

    …。…。…。…。…。…。…。 …。…。…。…。…。

    christian | my blog :

    thanks for the hype.

  6. I really need to start reading Game of Thrones
    really.. or online watching the series...
    Anyhow, you look great c: And serious, you
    don't need knee weight lose!! Xx

  7. Hahaha your tan line rant made me laugh -- i also discovered a band aid tan line yesterday on my ankle from stitches that i have! How annoying!

    And you're right, everyone is always much happier when it's sunny out :)


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