Sunday, 30 June 2013

Recently bought - ASOS and Zara

I've been indulging in my favourite past time again *sneaky sideways glance emoji*.

As I mentioned in my Moldiv app post, I just had to buy this floral crown from ASOS, since I liked it so much collaged onto my fod. I love it just as much in real life but SURPRISE, SURPRISE, the weather's too British to wear it. It's funny because I was never really a floral person. I'm anti-nature in general (HELLO, even the prettiest flowers could be hiding an insect) and I don't buy clothes with floral prints, but ever since Lana Del Rey wore a flower crown, I had to have one. I am a highly suggestible person!!

Messenger Bag - Zara || Ankle Strap Sandal - Zara

These two purchases are justified because they're accessories and were in the sale. That's less guilt than buying clothes in my mind! I couldn't pass on the white bag with the silver hardware because it's a white bag with silver hardware, and Zara bags are always good quality. The shoes I got on a whim, thinking I'll have a go at joining the thin-strap sandal bandwagon. Whether I get much wear out of them... we'll see. But I love that they have a jagged sole (see better in this image).

Just want to shamelessly plug my Instagram - go follow for OOTDs, nails and occasionally stuff I buy (I don't post meals/food!).


  1. I hate that I don't have any Zara store in reach, the sandals look fab!

  2. Nuuu don't hate but embrace Mother nature :D!!
    I love the floral headband and I've spot those
    sandals at my Zara as well. If only they came
    in my size :c Xx

  3. oooh love your makeup!
    dammit wish i could be arsed for sales. you're genuinely addicted to white xx

  4. face looks so flawless! (well the upper half XD) i actually guessed that youll buy this bag when i saw it in the sale and you said on twitter hehe

  5. Such a cute photo of you!! And now I wanna go shopping...

  6. Love the stuff you've bought! Loving the Zara stuff - I might need to pop in again! Naughty! But like you said - sales justify everything!

    Your sense of style is awesome!

    Yinyin xx

  7. Excellent purchases. That bag is fab.


  8. The flower garland is lovely, Jade! I want one but not sure if i'd ever wear it! (I have to stop buying pretty things that i'll never get to wear) xxx


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