Saturday, 22 June 2013

One day it's here and then it's gone

Dress - Zara || Shoes - Zara || Dog - Max ^_^

I'm not wearing white! Just accessorising with a white dog instead. I bought this silky number from Zara last year, so it's not new, but I don't think I've ever photographed it for an outfit post until now? Obviously what attracted me was the cutout details (and I distinctly remember thinking the colour would look good with a white blazer). It didn't come with a belt but without one I would look like an absolute pink sack of potatoes and my frame isn't small nor waif enough to wear it without one. I love it though. Great for throwing on when I can't be bothered "getting dressed".

The other night I exercised the old debit card once again. The Zara sale went live at midnight and I was very good and only bought a bag and a pair of shoes. Not that the stock was anything spectacular, mind you. Those super thin, ankle strap heels (a la Saint Laurent Janes) seem a good idea in theory, especially paired with leather pants and white jeans(!), so I bought a pair to test out. I also bought a pair of ankle boots from Topshop (you'll groan when you see what colour), so the next few days is going to be good ones re: the postman!

Sometimes when I write these posts, I wonder what my course tutors would think if they read it, since it's a load of superficial chat and I'm supposed to be a ~serious journo student~. If only style blogging was a module option on my Journalism course...


  1. I would be a fun course if they
    add 'style blogging' at a mayor :P
    You look nice Jade! And haha no
    white clothes but a white dog as
    accessory :P


  2. ahh that dog is so cute!!! the facial expression it has seems like it's high or something haha.
    i'm trying to refrain from summer sales shopping... i've got way too many clothes for my liking -_-

  3. that colour so suits you! bring out more colours and less white! receiving post feels like christmas. i remember the postman asking why do i get so many packages XD

  4. That's such a simple but cute dress! It looks perfect for the summertime :)

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